First Immersive 360 Underwater Video


This is my first  immersive 360 underwater video project.  The underwater video was shot in real-time over 360 degrees using multiple synchronized video cameras. The scene was shot near the Dry Tortugas on Oct 19, 2012. Water conditions were not so good, but I was glad to be able to finally test my prototype rig after designing and building it over the last six months.  A sincere thanks goes to Mike Muscato for his help and expertise in the fabrication of the housing.  

Interacting with 360 Video:

  • Use the intuitive control buttons at the bottom of the screen to pan, zoom, etc.
  • Grab the ‘cone’ of the compass with the mouse to rotate your view.
  • Use your mouse to interactively grab the video and rotate your view.
  • Left and Right arrow keys also work for rotating the view.
  • Shift and Ctrl keys will zoom you in and out.  
  • You’ll need Adobe Flash to view the video.  HTML5 is not yet capable of doing this kind of thing with video.

I hope to be shooting this 360 rig over the coming months as the weather allows.   Please come back soon to see what we are up to with immersive 360 video.

Brian D. 

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  1. A comment from: peter brandt

    Cool video !
    Do you have more information on the rig you used for the capture ? Custom housing or multiple camera’s with own UW housing ? How did you sync the movies ?
    Great job !

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